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The 1026 Tranquilla Opening was people watching at its best

Norman Kary discusses his art with early arriver Ruth Wiseman, who brought the first art gallery to Deep Elm. Sometimes I tire of reporting all the facts. Some of those times I just need to take some people pictures, and let them do the talking I'm too tired to.

Norman was the first artist to sell a piece on opening night. A Danna Jackson piece, and later, a Carol Wilder were both sold on Saturday, the show's second day.

Watching friends and strangers watching our art.

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Most of my photographs are of almost anything but peoople. I'd forgot just how much fun it is to watch our species - artus interestedis - interacting with the object of our joy.

The succession of these images show how the crowd ebbed and flowed the night of the opening.

Not unlike my White Rock Lake Journal, these people-watching pictures track the progress of a place that's fascinating to me. I couldn't not document these fleeting moments of importance to the artists in this exhibition. Our audience.

These grainy, soft, not quite right color images are presented here in strictly chonological order. These are the people who responded to our various attempts to draw an audience. It is probably not too great a surprise that many -- if not most -- of the people who populate these pictures comprise this city's creative elite.

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I watched this couple slowly circulate through the house at 1026 Tranquilla for what seemed like hours and hours, methodically investigating each succeeding artwork. I call them The Collectors. I liked them. My camera liked them. Serious art apreciators I was honored to have visit us.

Notice how this couple leans into each other, unconsciously mimicking the art they are engaged in watching.

For a night late in autumn, it was warm enough outside to stand there and take a half dozen pictures of the people shapes in the windows of the house that's set to close on December 11.

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I should identify all the people here. I know and like them all. But I won't. Here, I'm much more interested in their shapes and tonality. I was especially attracted to these people's hands. But more and more I like the light and dark tensions of the chair back and the paralleling circles of the sculpture.

Animal crackers. There were also some pretty wonderful forms of chocolate - almost as diverse as the art forms and styles.

This was a glimmer of a glimpse of the opening of the 1026 Tranquilla show, just in case you weren't there with us. The show continues 9 - 6 Sunday.

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