Suzanne Truex
Seer, 2002
Metal, acrylic, paper, rhinestones
9 x 11 inches

elcome to new DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members Elisabeth Schalij, Jerry Daniel, Anita Horton, Robin Ann Walker (I need your E-mail address) and new DARts Subscriber Christopher Hart -- that's his plop of clay we liked so much in Texas Mud.

I hope all the new Supporting Members will opt for a web page of their art here, so we can share their work. I'm always disappointed when artists decide not to have a page, or they procrastinate it nearly to death...

ne of the best things about being a Supporting Member is that every time the Editor (me) sees your name somewhere, I tend to try to promote those you and link your DARts web page(s). I don't mind going a little out of my way to keep members' art in front of DARts readers. It only seems fair and logical to support one's members, although not all institutions do, so this is, at least in some part, a reaction against the DCCA..

Lately, a few individual pieces that showed at Tranquilla keep coming back to me. Well, actually, more than a few, but these are the ones that still scintillate in my mind -- and that I have a good photo of.

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Paul Rogers Harris
Figure with Symbols, 1965
acrylic on canvas - 47 x 36 inches


Danna Jackson
Sister Moon, 2002
acrylic on canvas


Marty & Richard Ray
Art Class, 2002
stoneware - 7 x 6 x 6 inches



Norman Kary
Crossing Lines
mixed media


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