Official 1026 Tranquilla
Exhibition Press Release

DallasArtsRevue is having its first art exhibition in an unlikely place, 1026 Tranquilla.

Editor JR Compton published the popular Dallas visual art magazine on paper from 1979­1995, then put DallasArtsRevue online in 2000. Since then the site has grown to more than 450 web pages of news, views, reviews, calendar and other information for and by Dallas visual artists. The site averages more than 4,300 visitors each month.

In the last year, "DARts" (a name it's had since Dallas Transit was slow) has attracted 40 Supporting Members, who get web pages to show off their work, and DARts Subscribers. Both get password access to special, members-only pages.

The 1026 Tranquilla show is open to all DARt's Supporting Members - a group that includes many of Dallas' best artists, as well as beginners and all levels in between.

Exhibiting in the 1026 Tranquilla show are Marty and Richard Ray, Norman Kary, Art Shirer, Carol Wilder and Larry Enge, Paul Rogers Harris, Kathy Dello Stritto, JR Compton, Chris Bergquist Fulmer, Suzanne Truex, Sheila Cunningham, Danna Jackson, Linda Leroy and Anila Agha. They will show and sell paintings, drawings, sculptures, assemblage, photography, pottery and mixed media.

1026 Tranquilla would be a good name for a gallery, but it is a house for sale in East Dallas. In exchange for bringing in new people, the Supporting Members will use the white house in a beautiful, green neighborhood of rolling hills and tall trees for a three-day art exhibition and sale.

The exhibition opens with a public Artists' Party and reception 6-10 pm Friday, December 6, continuing 9 am­6 pm Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8.

The house may be an unlikely place for an art exhibition, but it works exceptionally well. The walls are plenty and all white; the layout is open, and lots of big windows bring the outside in. The house also has many built-in horizontal spaces to show smaller, three-dimensional work.

Everyone is invited.

1026 Tranquilla is north on the first street east of Buckner (Loop 12) off Garland Road in Casa Linda, near White Rock Lake.

See samples of DARts Members' art...

by most of the DARts Supporting Members in the 1026 Tranquilla show on their DallasArtsRevue membership pages. All member pages are linked on the DARts Membership Index.

 Chris Bergquist Fulmer

 Sheila Cunningham

 Paul Rogers Harris

 Kathy Dello Stritto

 JR Compton

Carol Wilder &
Larry Enge

Danna Jackson

Marty & Richard Ray

Linda Leroy hasn't done
a member page yet.

 Anila Agha 

Norman Kary 

Art Shirer 

Suzanne Truex 

How to become a Supporting Member information is on the How to Support DARts page.


December 6, 7 & 8, 2002

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