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First Membership Show

DallasArtsRevue's first-ever

exhibition and sale will feature work by DARts Supporting Members Marty & Richard Ray, Chris Bergquist Fulmer, Sheila Cunningham, Paul Rogers Harris, Carol Wilder & Larry Enge, Danna Jackson, Anila Agha, Norman Kary, Art Shirer, Suzanne Truex and Linda Leroy. The show will open with an Artists Party 6-10 pm Friday, December 6 and be open 9-6 Saturday & Sunday, December 7 & 8.

The 1026 Tranquilla story

It started when one of Kathy (Dello Stritto)'s students at The Creative Arts Center asked if she'd be interested in hanging some of her art in an unsold home to entice buyers and maybe sell some work.

Kathy told me, and I suggested it might be a great place for DallasArtsRevue's first-ever exhibition. We visited several potential houses with Ebby Halliday listing agent Marianne Elliott, and chose the one in the invitation above, because it was pleasant and had lots of bright white walls. It was also open, well lit and in a great, green neighborhood with lots of tall trees. It looked like a fine place to hang -- and maybe sell -- some art.

I told the Supporting Members about the idea in the late October Midnight Ramble and asked for feedback, of which we got plenty. I added their feedback to the bottom of that page, as usual.

Then I followed up with a quick notice of a meeting, which five members attended, making them the official exhibition committee. As such, we visited the house, measured the wall space and agreed on exhibition policies. I put those on the site (in the Members Only section) to elicit more feedback from other members.

Then I put the calendar of deadlines and hanging schedules the committee developed and started cajoling members to be in the show. 15 agreed to be in the show by the deadline, and I designed an inexpensive postcard invitation. One member E-mailed after I'd got the invite together, and I was sorry to tell her she could be in the show, but her name couldn't be on the postcard.

Almost every aspect of the 1026 Tranquilla -- I just love that name; it's somewhere between calm, cool, collected and Tranquility Base on the moon -- has been proposed, discussed and promoted online. The postcard is our only bow to conventional communications -- albeit a necessary one.

There [was] a (members-only) Questions + Answers page, so we can deal with those as they arise. Other pages have all the exhibition policies and legalistics, full calendar, a gallery sitting schedule with names in time slots and a list of exactly what info we need from each artist for the Price List.

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Marianne and Kathy in the space.
Note the big back windows.

At the Sunday afternoon, first meeting of the Exhibition Committee, Carol Wilder mentioned that the whole thing sounded in many ways like an artists' co-op. I like that allusion a lot.

We are a community of artists, even though I've never laid eyes upon some of the members. Yet. And we're joining together to do something artists have always felt a need to do. Show and sell our work.

I should mention right about now, that, since we're incurring no expense for the use of the building, we're not charging commissions for work sold. This is not a profit making venture. All sales will be handled by the artists whose works is sold. is not getting into the art sales biz -- although that has been suggested often.

The biggest boondoggle any arts organization can get messed up with is acquiring space. I've seen DARE and a lot of otherwise intelligent organizations fall into that trap. I hope to follow the Tranquilla show with many other art opportunities for DARts members, but we will not be getting any more involved in real estate than hit ad run.

DallasArtsRevue's home is in the online aether. And there we'll stay.

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What'll be in the show?

Great question. I wish I knew. Marty and Richard Ray say they'll show collaborative pottery. Normally, he's the painter and she's the potter (both of which roles he has illustrated on his DARts Member page). I'm hoping he'll bring some new paintings, too. I just put one of his older ones on the cover of the JR's Collection suite of pages.

I'll print some of my digital photos of White Rock Lake. Kathy's painting up a storm on some new stuff. Chris Fulmer asked me to photo her work, so I'll assume it's all new. I'm sure everybody else is scrambling to see what new they can bring.

Chris Fulmer will print up Price Lists visitors can take off with them, and I might even finally get around to a one-page version of the brochure Kathy's been after me to do for the last six months.

Larry Enge is building us some wood print bins for unframed work, so there'll be a wide variety of art available for the three day event.

Please join us at the opening Artists' Party. The show is going to be great fun. And if you've been thinking about becoming a Supporting Member of DallasArtsRevue, now would be a terrific time. So you can be on board in time for our next outting after Tranquilla, wherever that one might be...

See samples of art

by most of the DARts Supporting Members in the 1026 Tranquilla show on their DallasArtsRevue membership pages. All member pages are linked on the DARts Membership Index.

Chris Bergquist Fulmer

Sheila Cunningham

Paul Rogers Harris

Kathy Dello Stritto

JR Compton

Carol Wilder &
Larry Enge

Danna Jackson

Marty & Richard Ray

Linda Leroy hasn't done
a member page yet.

 Anila Agha

Norman Kary

Art Shirer

Suzanne Truex


How to join information is on the How to Support DARts page.

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