Picture Yourself Prevue

 When I get a chance, I like to see what else is in a show I've entered. So, when I dropped mine off at The MAC's Picture Yourself show opening August 3, I looked around and found these three and one other piece that I liked instantly, even though none had yet been mounted, and much more work would arrive later.

I liked the color and action in Bill Barnett's Painting Near the Beach. The birds and butterflies only added to the treat. Compared to the many dreadful abstracts along all the walls, a little realism is greatly appreciated.

Adrienne T Rosenberg's lilting, little 5 x 7-inch Summer Shade gelatin silver print with colored pencil glows with subtle color, and her abstracted presence is very real. Perhaps an obvious choice, but a gentle, revealing one nonetheless. I am, however, reminded how absurd another artist whose work I admire thinks it is that "Photographers always sign the mat."

I still don't know what to think of George Medellin's Self-Portrait mixed media drawing and photo. I have no idea what is says, whose head and shoulder -- if that's what it is -- or hand, or what those other shapes are. But the vivid color, scribbly white text and brash, free-form presentation assert themselves immediately. Until now, I didn't even care what it said.

The one other piece that grabbed my attention is a truly intriguing piece by an artist whose work I've been watching, Kathy Boortz.

More show details are in the Self-Portrait Show Review.

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