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The competitive 2002 Art in the Metroplex exhibition at TCU's JM Moudy building was juried byDeborah Remington. The show opened September 7 and was up through September 27, 2002

The AiM Show,
an informal prevue

Since DCCA quietly cancelled The Critic's Choice show last year, TCU and Templeton Art Center's joint Art in the Metroplex exhibition is the North Central Texas area's only serious, theme-free, competitive survey of contemporary art. Which is too bad. Maybe someday DARts can help do something about that, but meanwhile there's a dearth.

Sonia Quarles - Fort Worth
Free Press
acrylic - 25.5 x 21.5 inches

And if what I saw for maybe a half hour during delivery day, late in August, was any indication, it will be a widely varied exhibition. I was there to deliver Kathy Dello Stritto's Dragon Footprints acrylic on canvas, which I thought I'd photographed there, but apparently did not, although I was pleased to have had in hanging in my living room for the last few days.

Jay Maggio - Dallas
Crimson Glory
oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches

My entries were, as has been usual for most of the last decade, politely declined. The first several times I entered, I placed. I thought it was easy then. But not anymore. For a long time, I quit going.


Lee Harrington - Dallas
Land Form Near Marfa #2, Yellow on White
dry point - 8 x 11 inches


We saw last year's show during the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association Fall Gallery Wallk. It was a remarkably pleasant experience, as we rediscovered many of the best pieces we'd seen over the previous year.

David A Dryer - Dallas
oil on charcoal on canvas - 24 x 33 inches


We will, of course, attend this year's ceremonies. And I'll write a more intelligent review then. Consider this a smattered preview. What you see here is merely a few of the pieces that had been delivered early, and that I liked well enough to photograph.

Jeff McClung - Denton
Building Time Away
bronze, detail


While I was there, I talked with a few artists, promoted DallasArtsRevue and managed to get a list of all 35 exhibiting artists, which they usually don't release until the show starts September 7.

Elizabeth Tristan Mellot - Roanoke
Her House & The Neighborhood
clay accordion books, detail

including the text

 "wear a long dress
to hide  Hide the
on my  back
on my lEgs  hide
but it hUrts to sit
I can't sit  down..."



Sara K Lovas - Dallas
steel, enamel, 20 x 14 x 7 inches
photo courtesy of the artist


Artists include Paul Abbott - Dallas, Amie Adelman- Denton, Carol Benson - Fort Worth, Bruce Campbell - Crowley, Denise Stringer Davis - Fort Worth, David A Dreyer - Dallas, Amanda Farris - Dallas, Colleen Graves- Denton, Paul Greenberg - Dallas, Lee Harrington - Richardson, Carol Ivey - Fort Worth, Norman Kary - Dallas, Kristy Laurent - Fort Worth, Sara K Lovas - Dallas, Michael J Madsen - Denton, Jay Maggio - Dallas, Mildred Manning - Arlington, Dominick Mastrangelo - Fort Worth, Jeff McClung - Denton, Elizabeth Tristan Mellott - Roanoke, Mary Nicolett - Dallas, Tim Olson - Keller, Sonja Quarles - Fort Worth, Don Van Radke - Denton, Damon Ryder Richards - Fort Worth, Jorge Rivero - Richardson, Edgar Rodriguez - Arlington, Gloria Ross - Plano, Joe Self - Fort Worth, Jane C Stephenson - Dallas, Kathleen Dello Stritto - Dallas, Cecillia Thurman - Dallas, Sara A Troutman - Arlington, Diane Walker-Gladney - Flower Mound, and Angilee Wilkerson - Denton.

Juror Deborah Williams Remington chose 35 pieces from 150 entries, one each from all but one artist, Tim Olson, who placed two mixed media pieces in the show.


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