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Exhibition Calendar

The Exhibition is up at the Bath House through September 29

Pick up Art
11 AM - 1 PM Sunday September 30


Curate. Collaborate: Cura! Cura! Cura! opens at the Bathouse Cultural Center 7-9 pm, Saturday, August 25.

Bringing together eight of North Central Texas' most intriguing, young, medium-bending, visual artists into a startling mix of divergent art forms, ideas and installation styles, the show continues through the Dallas Art Dealers Association Fall Openings September 29.

Artists include Kim Alexander, Ashley Bryan, Bernardo Cantu, Sam England, Tim Harding, Sedrick Huckaby, Diane Sikes and Sunny Sliger,

Cura! Cura! Cura! is the first exhibition in an annual series at the Bath House called Curate. Collaborate, in which one curator is invited, and they then invite another to collaborate on a new show. 

This first show will be curated by DallasArtsRevue.com publisher, photographer and art critic J R Compton and artist, scenic artist and former art professor Terry Hays.

The show title comes from the at-first glib subject line for many of the more than five hundred emails between Terry and J R, so far.

In Latin, cura means "to know," and in mutual discussions and studio visits, the collaborating curators have learned many things about the remarkable artists selected.

More information, including about each artist is now on the cover of the DallasArtsRevue.

To see work by these artists, Search This Site for their names, although the work in the show will be new. Sedrick Huckaby has no personal website, but his work is all over the internet. He's even mentioned on this site several important times.

So far, there have been 758 emails exchanged in the creation of this show. There will be more.

Cura! Cura! Cura! started with a conversation with Enrique Fernández Cervantes, the Visual Art Curator at the Bath House Cultural Center. The conversation was general but I indicated that I was interested in curating an exhibition at The Bath House, and on July 6, 2011, I received this email:

Hello, J R.

I was looking at my calendar today, and I wanted to talk to you about the options we have in terms of schedule for the show we talked about a few days ago (the one where you find another curator of your predilection and you two co-curate an art show at the Bath House). I currently have two openings in our next gallery season. One is in the Spring, March 17-April 21, 2012; the other opening is in the Fall, August 25-September 29, 2012. Both dates are good. The advantage of the one in September is that the DADA Gallery Walk would happen while the show is on display, and that you would have more time to get ready.

Would you mind telling me which of these two options would work best for you?

Thank you.

Enrique Fernández Cervantes,
Visual Artist / Curator / Graphic Designer

I told him I had no preference, but by the time he wrote back with more details, I had decided on the autumn exhibition span, because that would give me more time.

My first invitation to a collaborator was someone who was already very busy with her own full calendar of curatorial events. She quickly and courteously turned me down. Took awhile to realize that my good friend Terry Hays, who as far as I knew, had little actual curatorial experience, might be perfect for the job, and he is. Opinionated, got taste and is deeply interested.

My own curatorial experience is chronicled on one of my Vitae pages.

Each of us will receive $200 from the City of Dallas for our extensive efforts.

Usually when I start a page for a show I am organizing — or co-organizing, I do a blog for it, and those have been very popular.

This will not be a blog, primarily because I don't want to blab about everything we do. The one aspect I do want to point out, however, is that in most Bath House shows, women comprise 67% of the artists, and we have been very careful to keep this one 50% women and 50% men.

I will, however, add words and images from DallasArtsRevue coverage of those artists to this page below.

Much more information than that, you'll have to decide from seeing the show.


Usually, coming up with a show title is a major chore. This one began as an email subject for many of Terry's and my early emails, and after awhile, it just seemed obvious. Logo design by J R Compton.

Download a PDF of the Bath House Cultural Center's floorplan.


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