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El Corazón at The Bath House

Rita Barnard - Matters of the Heart - mixed media

Rita's intimate photographic portrait of her ailing sister in the hospital for chemo tells her heart-felt tale in strong, carefully integrated graphics, personal details and vivid colors.

The artist's penchant for long text elements is limited to the pill canisters, where they are rich and funny. This is a riveting vision, and I'm awarding it the Best of a remarkably good show.


Raul Servin - La Ofrenda - oil on board

Over the years, the Corazon show has had many broken heart and MezoAmerican cultural references, but none has ever been as strong as this ancient, ceremonial, rip-your-heart-out-of-your-chest painting. Shocking and deeply historic.


George Yepes - La Pistola y El Corazón
acrylic on canvas

Someone at the opening called Yepes a "big money" artist, so it's especially heartening to see his work here at the Bath House for this community exhibition. I couldn't make this image large enough to convey the real power of his amazing style, although the colors bespeak richness and passion.


Jason McPeak
Humbled Servants With Wicked Hearts are Exalted by the Father
mixed media

I don't pretend to understand the symbolism or the suitcase-like presentation, but whatever it means, this nearly monochromatic construction startled and amazed me every time I looked at it, and once I started watching it, it was difficult to disengage from it.

Jose Vargas' Tenth Annual El Corazon show at The Bath House Cultural Center with George Yepes , Leticia Huerta , Kathy Vargas, Celia Muñoz , Santa Barraza, Nadara Goodwin, Melodee Martin Ramirez, Sara M. Hernandez, Cristina Nava, Sandy Martin, Katrina Page, Angela Gallia, Linda D. Stokes, Kate Shatz, Jason McPeak, Chandra Armstead, Phil Roger, Juan J. Hernandez, Diana Chase, Santiago López, III, Roy Cirigliana, David Hickman, Junanne Peck, Georgie Swafford, Ruth González Martínez, Barbara Mulley, Danny Hurley, T. Stone, Rita Bernard, Sheila Cunningham, Kathryn Littrell, Rebecca Romanek Johnson, Carolann Haggard, Raul Servin, Andrew Ortiz, Sonia King, Eliseo, Jose Cruz, Dan Dudley, Lori Dudley, Luis Barrera, Pedro Gallegos, Xavier Garza, Jesus Alvarado, Diego Mendoza, Ann Hines, David Chasey, Tina Medina, Jennifer Morgan, Magda Bowen, Maria Dolores Benitez, Jose Vargas, Chris Fulmer, Julie Penington, Greg Stinson and Marta Gonzalez-Stitts through February 28

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