Proposal for
The DallasArtsRevue Membership Exhibition
at the Bath House

Selection Committee Recommendation
March 13, 2003

"The committee liked both of your proposals. However, they recommended that we review your Dallas Arts Revue proposal again in the near future and reconsider it for a slot in late 2004 or early 2005."

Enrique Fernández Cervantes,
Visual Arts Coordinator
Bath House Cultural Center



The DallasArtsRevue Membership Exhibition will be a carefully curated exhibition open to all DallasArtsRevue Supporting Member artists.

Any visual medium, including but not limited to the mediums of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, assemblage, interactive, computer, internet, animation, short video or performance art are eligible.



All current Supporting Members of DallasArtsRevue shall be eligible for this exhibition. Each entering artist will pay $15 entrance fee. This will help pay for curatorial travel, publicity and printing invitations, which will list both winning artists and those shown in the salon. Exhibiting artists will label and mail their own invitations.



Curators are DallasArtsRevue editor / publisher JR Compton and one other TBA. No work by the curators will be shown in the exhibition, except in the Salon de Refusé.

Curating will be by slides, image files burned on CD-ROMs, cued VHS video and/or studio visits. Each member artist may enter as many as five works of art.

The curators will accept works in a variety of sizes, from very small to very large, in as wide a variety of two and three dimensional mediums as possible.

No video, computer, internet or performance art may exceed 15 minutes. Preference will be given to performance media that does not require formal audience-stage presentations.

No work previously exhibited in BHCC will be eligible.

All mailed entries must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage and will be returned after the exhibition.

All accepted works must adhere to the Policy for Exhibits at the Bath House Cultural Center.



The curators will choose up to three pieces for each artist selected for the exhibition.

All accepted two-dimensional works must be securely wired and ready to hang. 2-D work not wired for exhibition will not be exhibited.

Any artist entering computer, video, sculpture or other Special Exhibition Needs art forms must provide and install their own stands or exhibition quality output device(s).

Any accepted performance art will be informal in presentation and will occur only during the opening reception.


Delivery & Pickup

All work must be hand delivered to the BHCC by the delivery deadline, and they must be picked up after the end of the exhibition. We will not deal with any delivery service(s) or package any art for shipment.


Exhibition Procedure

The works will be grouped by artists and exhibited in a tasteful salon style with space between individual artist groupings in the Main gallery (as well as the Hallway Gallery, if that space is available).

We hope to show at least three works by each selected artist.

In addition, at least one piece by each artist not selected for the official exhibition in the Main Gallery will be hung, preferably salon-style, in a hopefully crowded “Salon de Refuse” in the Classroom Gallery. Any artist who does not wish to participate in the salon will not be required to do so.

Every piece of art entered in the exhibition will be documented in a VHS video, which will be shown throughout the opening reception.

That way, every eligible Supporting Member artist who enters and all works entered will be represented in the show at the opening



This proposal is submitted to the Bath House Cultural Center, because it is the premiere community visual art exhibition space inside the Dallas City Limits. Over more than two decades, the BHCC has maintained an excellent reputation for quality productions and multi-ethnic, community involvement. BHCC is easy to find, accessible, well known and popular.

It is one of only a handful of public art spaces in Dallas open to exhibition proposals from the public. It is also especially nice that the BHCC has a “back room” gallery (The Classroom Gallery) where work not selected for the official exhibition can be shown in a Salon de Refuse.


Potential Benefits to the Citizens of Dallas

Citizens will benefit from The Exhibition by being exposed to a wider than usual variety of fine art forms, from artists who range from some of the very best, most mature and professional artists in Dallas to others who are only beginning to make or show their art.

DallasArtsRevue membership includes artists of a range of ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, financial status and geographic locations in the North Texas area. Supporting Members pay $75/year. There are no aesthetic or any other limitation to DARts Membership.

Unlike at many competitive exhibitions, visitors to this one will get to see more than just one, winning piece from each selected artist.

Three works by each artist will be exhibited, grouped together by artists, so viewers can see and learn more about what each artist’s work is about.

Also unlike most competitive art shows, this one will exhibit — via the video shown during the opening reception — all works entered. That way, the curators can be very discriminating in their final selections in the official exhibition AND still show every work entered by every artist. This will give visitors a sneak peek into the curating process and help explain why the winning artists were chosen.


Potential Benefits to DallasArtsRevue

First of all, it will give the Supporting Members of DallasArtsRevue an opportunity to exhibit their work in a real, public gallery space. During our previous exhibition — the 1026 Tranquilla show, at a makeshift gallery in a residence for sale — many members noted a strong sense of being involved in a co-op experience. Exhibiting at the BHCC will enhance that sense of community.

Showing work in a quality exhibition is what many under-represented artists live for. Showing together with more experienced artists always proves a significant learning experience, as more mature artists share their knowledge both about making and showing art.

It will also help publicize the existence of the already popular website.


Special Needs

We will need at least one TV monitor and VHS video player with audio to present a VHS tape documenting all works entered, regardless of media. If the BHCC has such an AV unit we can use, we will. If they don’t, we will provide our own for the opening reception.

As stated, all works entered into the exhibition will be featured on the video, which will be shown continuously during the reception.

Each exhibiting artist will bring at least one something to eat or drink for the reception, reducing expenses for the BHCC and increasing the community feeling of the show.

DallasArtsRevue will publish extensive publicity for the exhibition on, which averages nearly 21,000 visitors each month.

Members will also print and mail out our own invitational postcards to their own mailing lists. Plus, JR Compton will write and send out our own publicity — coordinating closely with the BHCC staff.


Demands on BHCC Resources

As explained in the above paragraphs, this proposed exhibition will place minimal additional time and financial demands on the BHCC staff and resources.

Editor/Publisher JR Compton and many of DallasArtsRevue’s Subscribing Members — Marty Ray, Carol Wilder, Chris Bergquist Fulmer and Art Shirer, to name only a few — have extensive experience producing, hanging and lighting art exhibitions, so we can greatly assist the BHCC staff in placing and hanging the exhibition. If it’s okay with BHCC staff, all DARts Memers who are in the official exhibition will help place, hang and light the show.


Outreach/Education Opportunities

The combination of the video showing all entries to the curated exhibition and the Salon de Refuse (in the Classroom Gallery) will either help explain why some artists were selected over others or show the prejudices of the curators. Either way, it will certainly add to the understanding of how artists are selected for competitive exhibitions — a process that is usually hidden from view.


Number of Works Included

Depending on which Galleries are available and the size of works accepted, we’d like to include work by as many as 10 to 12 artists on the walls and inner space in the Main Gallery (30-36 pieces).

Approximately 5-7 additional artists could be added, if we can also use the Hallway Gallery (15-21 pieces). And I would guess at least 10-15 or more pieces in the Classroom Gallery.


Gallery Desired

The Main Gallery and the Classroom Gallery would be necessary for this exhibition. It would be nice to be able to use the Hallway Gallery also. But it would be okay with us if some other group were to use that space. We’d just have to adjust the number of artists in the official exhibition and provide adequate signage to indicate where and why the exhibition continues in the Classroom Gallery.

Calendar Desired

Any two, three, four week or longer time period in the BHCC’s calendar would be fine for us. At your convenience — with either long or short-term notice. We can scramble if neccessary, or adhere to an established calendar.


Slides of Work

Slides of work will be submitted prior to the exhibition, at BHCC request or at an agreed upon timetable.

Some sample images of DallasArtsRevue’s one previous exhibition, which was held in a private residence —1026 Tranquilla — that was for sale at the time of our use, are included in the backup material for this proposal. See the Sample Art page.

Because the exhibition will feature new work curated just prior to the actual exhibition, no images that will definitely be in the show are currently available.