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419 Tyler — Next Big Night

Photographs of the Space with Commentary

Latest update Friday, 03-Jun-2011 12:05:16 PDT

The Whole Building - MFA is in green building to left
Our space is second from the corner on the right.

We visited the space — and got a lot more excited about the show, tentatively called Next Big Night. We're in the second space from the corner of 7th Street.

The obvious issues are paint and light. The light is lacking, and the paint needs help. We need to seriously beef up the lighting and paint a few walls. It looks bright in these daylight photographs, but the show starts at 6 pm, and by then the late October sky will be nearly dark, and that space will, too.

Expenses will be kept to minimum and shared by exhibiting artists. They will include paint and caulk.

Does anyone want us to print separate invitations?

Look at these pictures to get an idea of what we're dealing with.

Steve says we can get in sooner if we set an appointment, but he expects us to hang on the Friday night of the event. And there will be a big Halloween Party going on upstairs (but not upstairs directly over "our" space, since there's no upstairs to our storefront space.

Feedback will be posted here. If you have questions, send them.

We'll need a Hanging Committee who will make all decisions that need making — what color should the walls be, where will the art go, etc.

Oh, and when we arrived on Tyler Street, Vance Wingate, former director of Gray Matters was already there waiting to see "his" space, which portends even more quality artists involved. He is definitely involved in this Next Big Night.

While he explored the space with Steve, we noshed on food from across the street's "Ya-Mon, a Jamaican Takeout, tasty jerk chicken and curry. M-F 10:30-7:30; Sat noon-7:30." Spicy, but good.

two corner spaces

Corner Spaces - Ours is on the left

Steve Cruz Out Front

Steve Cruz in the Doorway

Steve & Ann in Front Room

Steve and Anna in the front right room
(Lefts & Rights from looking at space from street)

Yes, the walls need repainting. That green and that brown may be stylish for retail, but for art we need something brighter and less sickening. White? Or gray or a pastel? But first the nail-holey walls need serious calking.

Down Left Side

Down Left Side of Space - Office Space behind white doors

The wall on the left is concrete over brick. Steve said it would need a hammer drill to screw a hole for the right kind of mounter things (memory can be short. Steve said it three times, and it never registered.) But Art Shirer has a hammer drill, he'd already visited the space, and will know what kind of fastener it needs.

The other walls are all easy-hang wallboard (another correct term escapes me). I think we may not have to paint the Left wall. Or what you see as white along the interior room. The floor in front could use a quick coat.

Left Side from Upstairs

Left Side from Upstairs

That long white wall will, however, need some cleaning (I hope that's all it needs). Maybe painting. It's the right color, but... We have use of the furniture and can move stuff around to suit ourselves.

Kitchen Area from Upstairs

Back, Kitchen Area from Upstairs

Kitchen is usable. Stove works. If you were at Big As Night, you might remember tall flowers on that one-legged, rounded table. Around the corner to the right is a white, usable bathroom I should also have photographed.

Upstairs Room with Anna

Small Room Upstairs with Anna for
scale detailing lights from ceiling at left

Probably a low-ceilinged bedroom with a darker, walk-in closet behind. A narrow, straight stairway leads up to it from the front of the interior wall block.

Right Wall Ceiling Detail

Right Wall Ceiling Detail with Enclosed Stairs and Light Pulls

Standing at the top of the carpeted (thick shag, I think) stairs, you can look out and down on the spaces.

Rafter Detail with White Birds

Rafter Detail with White Birds

Deck Out Back

Deck Out Back - Smoking Area


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