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The Fierce Index links ALL Fierce Pages & stories and includes The Fierce Blog

Fierce logo

An exhibition featuring Supporting Members, Friends and area artists who have been favorably written
reviewed in the pages of DallasArtsRevue.
Opening Saturday July 5 through Tuesday July 29, 2008

Every artwork on this page is copyright 2008 or before by the originating artist. No reproduction or approximation of these works may be created in any medium for any commercial or nonprofit use without specific written permission from the artist.

Rita Barnard - Brittle Beauty...

Rita Barnard - Dangerous Beauty. The current configuration is 24 x 48 inches. The images are, says Rita, "electron microscopic photos of many different kinds of cancer cells. I am considering making 11 blocks and joining them together in some sculptural way." Image provided by the artist

DallasArtsRevue's Fierce exhibition, at 14th Street Gallery [member page link] in Plano, Texas in July 2008 has a title, a logo, an organizing principle, a curator, a growing collection of superb artists and and a few eligibility requirements [both link below].

The next step is to visit all the artists' studios and begin picking pieces or trends toward pieces. I have taken a video trip through the space and will post that here, soon as I can figure out how to.

Now, the latest news of Fierce is posted blog style on the Fierce Index page.

Fierce started when 14th Street Gallery director Gaby Pruit asked during a visit last year, if I'd like to curate a show there. I said yes before I thought it through. She said she'd asked several people, and I was the only to accept. Then I began thinking it through, asked some questions and eventually even got a date. July 2008. It will be up three weeks, and the work will definitely be for sale.


The gallery will provide food for the opening and asks artists to bring some wine, which you probably would have done anyway; last time, it was difficult to get artists not to bring the stuff. I'll design the invitational postcard and write the PR, they'll mail it out and pay for printing the postcard — color one side, black-only the other side, 7.127 x 5.127 inches. Postcards will be available, so artists can send to our own mailing lists, also.

We can hang on July 1st, have the opening on Friday or Saturday, any time. It will close on Tuesday July 29, and we can take it down Wednesday, the 30th.

The artist/gallery split will be 70/30.

Mark Collop - You will get your turn

Mark Collop - You will get your turn (detail) from our 2007 Texas Biennial story
graphite, gauche and watercolor on paper - 10 x 13 inches

The Title

This title entered my consciousness after I twice used the words "oddly fierce" to describe work I liked enough to want to write about. For awhile, I tried to call the upcoming show Fierce Art, but that was redundant. I like calling it fierce, because it will remind me to make sure the work in the show is fierce.

Definition of Fierce Art

I haven't succeeded yet, but I've attempted to describe fierce art and still add to that attempt sometimes. Before that I wrote about edgy art, then got a little more successful at that, too. but I haven't hammered either term yet. It's all the same thing, although just because I called art edgy before, doesn't mean it still is.

Each of the DARts shows have had a page, more or less like this one, wherein and whereby it is organized. Starting the page starts the proceedings that starts the show. This has begun.

I kept these images moving for several months. Now that I've moved to the next stage of Fierce, studio visits [are] documented at the URL this one used to have as this portion of this site grows. The art that's here now is what was here when I changed the page. No real sense in changing it again.

painting by Enrique Fernández Cervantes - Copyright 2008 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Painting by Enrique Fernández Cervantes taken on my studio visit with him

I'd already invited DARts Member Art Shirer. He and Norm Kary hung and lighted the last show, so he got first grab at this new gig. He's also been very handy naming things, so I thought maybe he'd do a name for this one, too. But now I got one I'm running with it.

I also tried to get a name by listing the possibility with a bribe on the Opportunities page. Name it and be in it. But nobody sent a title. Just as well. I like this one, and it seems memorable.

More about the show, the name and whatever else I'm involved in or with is on ThEdblog. What exactly is fierce art is more difficult to put into words. So I'm placing images of what I think are fierce on this page.


Dallas-area artists who either are Supporting Members of DallasArtsRevue or who have been favorably reviewed on these pages are eligible to have work considered for this exhibition. I will review work by artists who do not meet these criteria by visiting a website, but selection thereby is much less likely.


Actual selection of work for this show will be on an individual piece basis. If I think it's truly fierce, it will likely go in. If not, not. Please note the big gray word, "Potential" heading the following lists. Listing here does not guarantee that these artists will be in the show. Just that I hope they will, if we can select the right work.

Charlotte Smith - unknown title (detail)

Charlotte Smith - unknown title (detail)


Probable Artists [and their links, mostly on DallasArtsRevue, but other places, too]

Fierce Artists

DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members & Friends of DallasArtsRevue who have responded to notices or direct invitations:

Art Shirer

Kathy Robinson-Hays

Nancy Ferro

Anna Palmer

George Bailey

Jeanne Sturdevant

Matt Kaplinsky

Dean Corbitt

Chris Fulmer

Sheila Cunningham

Susan Lecky

Gail Siptak


Rita Barnard

Rebecca Boatman

Norman Kary

Marty & Richard Ray

Heather Gorham

Gaby Pruit

Elisabeth Schalij

Jeane McIntosh

David Hickman

James Michael Starr

Fannie Brito

Bob Nunn

Kapil Dixit

Cecilia Thurman

Area artists who've been favorably reviewed on these pages, and who have agreed to be in the show. Some I've invited; others have suggested themselves; both are possible:

Jayme Nourallah

Terry Hays

Ramona and Dennis Placke

Cathey Miller

Randall Garrett RG RG

Ann Huey

Enrique Fernandez Cervantes

Charlotte Smith

a new site for Mark Collop

Sherry Owens

Jason McPeak









First come, first served. When I get my show up, I'll invite all Members.

I'll list others when, and if, they present themselves or I find them on old DARts pages.

George Bailey -

George Bailey - Fallen Son of Perdition
acrylic, marker on hardboard - 48 x 48 inches



These rules will probably change.

I'm linking everybody's name to whatever site or page I know of. Members to members' page. Guest to their websites. The art on those pages represents the artist(s), of course, but does not necessarily represent the work that will be in the show. I want fierce art.

This show will be carefully curated. No blanket invitations. Work will be chosen piece by piece.

We have enough artists for the show. No more will be added.

Jayme Nourallah

Jayme Nourallah - It could happen to anyone
from Art Conspiracy Three

Consideration does not necessarily mean acceptance.

Work in this show may not have been previously exhibited in North Central Texas.

The curator is the ultimate decider.

Oh, and I have decided that if I show anything at all in thie fierce show, it'll be in the back bathroom.


All Contents of this site are Copyright 2008 or before by publisher J R Compton.
All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in any medium without specific written permission.