The Garden of EASL

March 10, 2002

Story and Photographs by JR Compton


There was Lots of Fun & Fine Art at  The Garden of EASL benefit art auction March 10 at the downtown Farmers Market: Left to right, from top: Bird Snippers with cast metal leaves and feet by Kathy Boortz - bug birdhouse by Russell Sublette; Kelly Holmes Burke's glittering Wind Charmer sun chaser - Glo Coalson's popular, cement Carrot planter planted with a living plantt - a blubbering Fountain by Harrison Evans, Candis Wheat and Gary Parkins - Hot House Shrine by Pamela Nelson  combines her new abstract and old, folksy patterning styles - Brennan Bechtol's translucent blue, untitled birdhouse - and a potential bidder checks out the merchandise.




Above is a close-up of Marylynn Devereaux Bowman's exquisite fused glass, copper and steel uh... gardeny thingy translucing evening light.

Below are: Norman Kary's Breaking Through the Brown Fog of Night mixed media collage looks like a cross between last year's game theme and this year's garden. Backyard Bass by Ben James of garden hose, tools - a detail shot of Sherry Owen's intricately pegged twig sculpture, and I managed to miss the title of Sharon Thompson's Heart Person's sleeves full of leaves and other symbols, but that's Jennifer Stufflebreen's Dragonfly 3-D Shadowbox with gold and copper bugs. And Bill Verhelst adjusting the fans on his and wife Susan Lecky's collaborative whirligigs.




Artists delivered work Friday night in Dallas and Saturday in Fort Worth. By Sunday afternoon, the pieces were laid out upstairs in the Farmers Maret Resource Building, which EASL had only till Sunday night. By late Sunday, the space was empty again.

It was an amazing accomplishment.

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