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The 2004 EASL Benefit Auction:
Fantasy Furnishings & Fetishes

Voodoo Doll ©2004 by Kathy Boortz

Kathy Boortz    Voodoo Doll   2004
found and carved wood, clay

When Kathy Boortz finished this most recent in her ongoing series of Bushes, she was so unsure of its reception that she did not attend the biannual auction's preview party.

Instead, the popular artist's most realistic, segmented puppet-like piece yet was the most popular — and most bid on — work in the the EASL benefit auction. I bid on it and was pleased when I was outbid by a friend, who was outbid by another friend.

The 2004 EASL Benefit Auction: Fantasy Furnishings & Fetishes culminated in a big party 2-6 pm Sunday August 29, 2004

Pamela Nelson   Graceland,
1987   wood, buttons, paint

Harkening back to a time when Pamela Nelson's art was fun as well as giggle out loud funny, this be-buttoned and stippled table leg with delusions of grandeur recalls the glory days of this nouveau folk artist's oeuvre. A prince in Lagos, Nigeria liked it so much, he tried to order 30 of them from our little catalog here... although I later heard that Lagos was the center of considerable internet order scamming.

Tom Orr - Sushi Tray

Tom Orr   Sushi Tray   wood

In keeping with his clean, simplified style and straightforward materials, this piece is a classic Tom Orr in every way, except maybe that it is ultimately utilitarian as well as serenely beautiful. I chuckled quietly to myself when I saw it.


Marty Ray    Free Flow   2004
ceramic mosaic on wood table

I watched Marty carefully hand paint each tile for this piece. I did not get to see her breaking each one after firing them or struggling artfully to put them back together. Classic Marty Ray with new colors inlaid in a $4 garage sale tabletop.


Chris Fulmer - Night Obsession with Drawing

Chris Fulmer   Night Obsession with Drawing
mixed media, nightlight and wood box

I'm a fan of Chris and her work, but I've never seen anything quite like this piece from her before. Truly the result of as well as a narrative about an obsessive night of drawing, the story of which is 'written' all over this intricately textured and warm tone colored piece in various mediums. That's a drawing pen penduluming inside the tiny cabinet and magazine texts on either, out side.


Norman Kary - The Sorcerer's Treasure

Norman Kary   The Sorcerer's Treasure   mixed media

This tiny treasure presented here at nearly life size is a quitessential Norman kary prize that might be a bargain as well. See also our interview with Norman for much more information about this fine artist.

Nancy Ferro - Milagro

Nancy Ferro   Milagro   2004
mixed media on canvas


EASL's Fantasy Furnishings & Fetishes

All the images on this page are from the EASL auction in Fort Worth.

The Emergency Artists' Support League (EASL) presents Fantasy Furnishings & Fetishes, a silent auction which culminates 2-6 Sunday August 29 in the Fort Worth Community Art Cente, at 1300 Gendy Street in Fort Worth's Cultural District (in the old Fort Worth Modern building), which is open 10-5 Monday through Saturday.

new! During the August 20 preview party, 72 of the 134 items received bids, totaling $5,910. A total of 137 bids were made, with Kathy Boortz' Voodoo Doll (see the DARts cover) getting the most action with 7 bids. Several works received 5 including Marty Ray's. Total value of all work donated is about $58,000 so the goal is $17,400.

New at this year's auction, bidders can bid on popular pieces until the deadline. No more guarantying purchase of a piece just by reaching the nominal value — more fun and more exciting competition — and more money for EASL.

The auction features original works by more than 120 Dallas-area artists. Come join the bidding on these eccentric, funky and functional pieces created specifically to benefit EASL and its mission. A $15 donation is requested at the door to the event, this includes two drink tickets. Raffle tickets are also for sale for $10. The raffle features works by Ann Ekstrom, Nancy Lamb and Jim Woodson. Parking is free.

The works of art are available for purchase to the highest bidder in a silent auction setting. Artists who contribute to the auction are asked to produce their original masterpiece with the auction's theme of Fantasy Furnishings and Fetishes in mind. Expect creative versions of anything from footstools, to clothing to shoes or chairs and paintings.


Bob Nunn - Fitishes or Mumbo/Jumbo

Bob Nunn   Fetishes or Mumbo/Jumbo   mixed media on paper

Bob originally made this for a wedding gift for friends, then he decided it was "too dark."


EASL created the one-of-a-kind auction, presented every other year in Dallas and Fort Worth, in 1992 to raise funds to support the organization's mission of providing limited, emergency financial assistance to North Texas visual artists and visual art professionals who are in need because of a medical crisis, accident or loss of personal or professional property. In the past twelve years, EASL has awarded over $200,000 to over 100 artists.

For information on how to apply for a grant or make a donation contact EASL at 1 888 563-2316 or visit their web presence on this site at

Fantasy Furnishings and Fetishes is presented by EASL, its volunteer steering committee and the administration of Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. EASL raises funds from individual donors, the party and silent auction, and other events throughout the year. All contributions to EASL are tax-deductible. Cash, checks and VISA or MasterCard will be accepted for art purchases.


kinetic sculpture by Art Shirer

Art Shirer   Blue   23 x 19 x 18 inches   12 pounds   painted steel & kinetic


The auction featured work by (and this is the latest, updatest list) Bradly Abrams, Laura Abrams, Donna Finch Adams, Future Akins, Anne Allen, Michael Arreaga, Frances Bagley, Bill Barter, Alice M. Bateman, Stephen Battle, H.M. Berset, Linda Blackburn, Christopher Blay, Frida Blumenberg, Rebecca Reagan Boatman, Rosalyn Bodycomb, Kathy Boortz (don't miss her fabulous piece on the DARts cover), Rachel Bounds, Matthew Bourbon, Jim Bowman, Glenda Bradley, Maureen Brouillette, Cindy Campbell, Connie Carlisle, Jeff Clarke, Brian Colley, J R Compton, Tom Delaney, Mary Lynn Devereux-Bowman XIV, Tom Diel, Jo Dufo, Jo Ann Durham, Ann Ekstrom, Patrick Faulhaber, Nancy Ferro, Eleanor Forfang-Brockman, Elissa Foster, Karen Foster, Chris Bergquist Fulmer, Roberta Galarza, Jenny Gassiraro, David H. Gibson, Tere Goldstein, Jeff Green, Allen Griesbach, Andy Hanson, Paul Rogers Harris, Kelli A. Holmes, Cindi Holt, Anita Horton, Kathleen House, Jeri Huber, Leticia Huerta, Val Hunnicutt, Carol Ivey, Lisa Jenkins, Tom Jenkins, Susan Kae Grant, Loli Kantor, Norman Kary, Lynn Kelly, Nancy Lamb, Audrey Legatowicz, Pamela Lindley , Rebecca Low, James Malone, Joyce Martin, David Mask, Carolyn Zacharias McAdams, Connie McCreary, Greg Metz, Nancy Miller, Milton Morris, Sue Musselman, Barbara & Gerald Nehman, Pamela Nelson, Mary Nicolett, Anne Norval, Bob Nunn, Kenneth Orr, Tom Orr, Julia Ousley, Martha Peters, Raymond Rains, Margaret D. Ratelle, Marty Ray, Richard Ray, Pamela Mahaffey Rossing, Elle Schuster, Rusty Scruby, Art Shirer, Isaac Smith, Lynn Smith, Gregory Story, Kathleen Dello Stritto, Krysia Stronski, Laura Strother,Corky Stuckenbruch, Jennifer Stufflebeam, Pam Summers, Elaine Taylor, Sharon Thompson, Ellen Frances Tuchman, Caris Palm Turpen, Tom Vanderzyl, Judy Vetter, Liz Wagner, Patricia Warren, James D. Watral, Lois Way, Cindi Wills, Margaret Wintersole, Tony Wood, Jim Woodson, Donna B. Works, Judy Youngblood, Joan Zalenski and Marla Ziegler

As usual with a large and important showing around here, DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members' pages are linked in the above list, so you can see more works by these artists easily, without moving to another site.


Margaret Ratelle - untitled

Margaret D. Ratelle   untitled   2004   acrylic on wood stool


Julia Ousley   Virginia Trace   mixed media   artist's used gloves on stainless grid


Black Crosses, Black Spots & Voodoo Dolls

EASL identified these pieces for me, then I lost the E-mail, so I apologize to the makers of the big black spot and the cactused heart, but that's Voodoo Doll by Kathy Boortz (see our cover) in the center and Future Akins' three black crosses above.


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