David McManaway's Studio - Photographs and Installation by David H. Gibson at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, through February 10, 2002

Photographic Installation by David H. Gibson at The McKinney Avenue contemporary.
Photo by JR Compton. Scale provided by Kathleen DelloStritto


The Show

 Much better than the Pilsbury Peters Contemporary show that opened the night before. I couldn't focus last night. But I like David H. Gibson's version of McManaway's work, perhaps because Gibson makes McManaway's work more dramatic and darker.

Gibson imposes his own order on the multitudes of objects. His use of large, hanging negatives gives the presentation a layered complexity and reinforces the richly colored images on the wall.

Lorraine Gibson pointed out that we, the viewers, can see our reflected images on the shiny side of the hanging film. She demonstrated with a spry Tai Chi kick that we were tempted to mimic but wisely didn't.

Don't miss Gibson's excellent video in the adjacent New Works space. We just wish it were projected smaller. - Kathleen DelloStritto

David H. Gibson photo of David McManaway's Studio, detail


 The Politics

David McManaway is a Dallas treasure and well deserves an exhibition at The MAContemporary. David H. Gibson is a superb photographer, and this is somewhat new territory after his usual, luscious black & white landscapes. And Pillsbury Peters Contemporary may be Dallas' finest and most exquisite commercial gallery. Still, I have serious misgivings about this show at The MAC.

Once again we have a parallel, commercial exhibition at Pillsbury Peters of the artist featured in a show at The MAC. It can't be a coincidence. It must have been planned and carefully calendared months in advance. It's not the first time The MAC has PRomoted several artists in concurrent exhibition at PP -- Dan Rizzie and FX Tolbert rush to mind. It's getting to be a habit.

The MAC may well be so hard up financially that it needs the commercial tie in with the gallery. See photos of the art at The MAC, then go buy it at The gallery?

The mix smacks of sneaky commercialism. Does The McKinney Avenue Contemporary get a kickback or significant contribution every time they set up one of these dual shows? Should they? Is it fair to the other galleries in the area? Is it fair to the artists of Dallas? - JR Compton


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