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Linnea Glatt: The Elegance of Simplicity

Linnea Glatt - See Through, 2002 - mirrored stainless

Lifeworld, Linnea Glatt's Legend Show at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, continued through October 23.


Linnea Glatt - Light/Ignite, 1996 - wax, nylon (detail, foreground)
Eyes on a Moving Target, 2004 (on wall, detail)


Linnea Glatt - Eyes on a Moving Target, 2004 - fake fur


Linnea Glatt - Eyes on a Moving Target,
2004 - fake fur (detail)



Linnea Glatt - Great Joy, 2003 - colored feathers


Linnea Glatt - Centering: A Place to Be Together, 1981 - wood and concrete
(Blue is day light; brown is tungston lighting.)


Linnea Glatt - See Through (detail) with outside doors mirrored


above + below: Linnea Glatt - Couple, 2004 - print and embroidery



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