Progress by T.Stone
at The Other MAC

T.Stone - Red Babe, 2002
h50 x w57 x d46 inches
painted steel

The next day, I visited another White Rock Tour artist's opening at The Other MAC :) -- the Mesquite Arts Center. T.Stone's showing at the suburban art space was small but impressive, with none of the forced theme that dogs her show at Boyd.

Here, the work was hand picked by the artist, not to be amusing, but to show her progress. At first I said here that none of the pieces in the invitation were actually in the show, a disturbing no-no for any art space, but not too surprising for this fledgling, municipal gallery that's just graduating to serious art. But Terri showed me that part of Red Babe was indeed on the invitation. So, my mistake...

Red Babe is from the very nearly same, folded, flat shape as her Blue Babe, the much larger and even more elegant piece in the year long ourdoor show in Abilene, also pictured on the other MAC's invitation and on our Calendar page, but the best picture we have was on Terri's Supporting Member page.

T.Stone - Karma, 2001, painted steel
wall hanging, 15 x 15 x 6 inches


When I asked Terri for a favorite I should photograph, she took me to Karma, which she explained she believes in, describing the principle, saying "It always comes back around." But when I asked if the winding, nearly knotted spiral in the center of the complementary colored, concentric piece was actually a spring, she said that it was a single rod.

She said her "interpretation is more of a full circle affect... and, I never joke about karma." After she walked away, I pushed on the central knot of Karma, but it did not push back -- yet...

T.Stone - Family Affair, 1998,
painted steel, 18 x 11 13 inches 


The one, other piece in Terri Stone's Progress that affected me was her much less recent Family Affair with its elegant, simplified and interlocking arcs of headless people, a more slender, rod version of the shape, now inverted, that has progressed to the Red Angel and Babe family. I didn't realize till later that she was only asking $275 for it. Although I could ill afford the treat, it is lovely.

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