TSA's Connections 2002

April 2002

Story and Photographs by
JR Compton + Kathy DelloStritto

The Texas Sculpture Association's Connections 2002 juried by Anthony Wright at the Bath House features sculptures dealing with the concept of connections, includes Andrew G. Coats, Terri Stone, Jerry Dodd, James Allumbaugh, Diana Chase, Tony Robison, Sonia King, James Crowe, Gisela-Heidi Strunck, Keith Kinney, Betsy Kinney, Marilyn Parrish, and Nancy Harvey Leake through April 20.

Andrew Coates - Rocks and Rings - steel

Connections Two is a gem of a show. At our favorite Dallas art space, the very, community oriented Bath House Cultural Center, on the edge of our favorite lake, this smallish exhibition had so many winners I had to ask Kathy to tell me what to photograph. She loved Andrew Coates' Rocks and Rings, which was simple yet elegant.

Betsy Kinney - Nexus - steel and limestone

And I admired a not altogether different composition by Betsy Kinney, who won Best in Show.

Not to go without notice was Diana Chase's superb, cast glass I'll Carry You swimmer, which we've discussed before, although it was nice to see it again here in this Texas Sculpture Association juried show.

Kathy's other choice was this amazing piece, which we'd also seen before, but here it really shined. I only wish I'd remembered to photo the identification card, so I could tell you its name and who did it. Guess I'll have to go back to the Bath House...

Marilyn Parish - Field of Dreams - found object assemblage

We both admired Marilyn Parish's Field of Dreams, which seemed to create their own space, all elegant in wood brown and contemporary blacks, both solid and brushy soft.

A really lovely little show. - JRC & KDS


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