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It's High School Art Season again!

colorful abstract with lots of swirling, rounded shapes and a foreground of white, almost organic, forms

Still unidentified Will Nelson painting at UTD

Packing the gallery outside Dave Hickey's startling lecture about student centric curricula at UTD Saturday March 1 was The TVAA High School Art Show, our first experience with the kid art shows so prevalent this month.

Other kid shows include Arlington Museum's 13th Annual Youth Art Encounters, Irving Art at Irving Art Center, Young American Talent at the Bath House and Young Masters at the DMA.

Nice of them to have all the shows at once, huh?

If you only have time for one. See the Dallas Museum of Art's annual Young Masters show. Once we saw that winner, we all but abandoned our ambitions to update the UTD story. Next time JR gets a break, he'll show and tell more pix from that superb yearly collection.

painting of a teenager (tall, thin and limber) sitting on the floor painting a piece hanging on the wall. The kid has a dark blue shirt, pants (probably jeans) and a green and greens striped ski-mask type of hat, so we can see none of his head or face.

Will Nelson - Sean
oil on canvas
in the Young American Talent show


I was taken aback when I recognized some patterns in one of our favorite pieces in the statewide, competitive Yougn American Talent show at the opening Sunday.

We still don't know which school he attends, since neither gallery displayed that info, but we're impressed and look forward to seeing more from Will.

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