Young Masters
at the Dallas Museum of Art

Photographs by JR Compton
Story by JR Compton and Kathy DelloStritto

Young Masters: Advanced Placement Student Art annual juried show by
local high school students at the DMA
through April 14.

Kathy and I went by the museum on a Thursnight -- I'd never seen so many people. It's the only time our municipal museum is free. Live music noised up the deep end of the long hallway, near the entrance where the mural and one of those dreadful Dallas Sores pegasi is, so we were glad we ate elsewhere, but even the kids gallery was busy with art appreciators.

Nathan Jernigan - Who Am I - collage

Kathy had the most to say about Richardson High student Nathan Jernigan's Who Am I? collage ( on the DARts cover ) of magazine faces and hair. It's about personal identity. Mother of two teenagers, Kathy said it was a "dead on right concept. Especially for a high school kid. They're such an amalgamation. They don't know who they are. They just see themselves in other people."

Ryan Stinson - Isolation
"Departing Fort Worth 9:30 pm. Arriving Dallas 10:20 pm. Isolation.
Loneliness. My impression of riders on the Trinity Railway.

I treasured Booker T Washington student Ryan Stinson's gloomy, noir train scene ( above ) in deepest greens and blues, toned in with pencil scribbles, and elegantly etched over with the thinnest of not-quite abstract, jagged white lines. It's called and eerily manifests Isolation. The i.d. labels don't mention materials, but we were guessing acrylics or oil pastels.

Kathy's favorite was Mesquite HS student Hope Hays' The Cycle of Planting Chickens. She thought the notion of "planting eggs underground is just fabulous." Above the painted cutaway red earth, amid the lurid, fiery blues of air, chickens were growing from the eggs.


Kathy also liked Nicole White of Plano high's Violet, a deceptively simple, yet highly sophisticated composition executed in not at all gaudy pointillism. Kathy thought it was "powerful," noting Ms White's fine draftsmanship.

( Another, very different work by Nicole White in last year's Young Masters, inspired JR to rhapsodize about her art in Tender Realism by Nocole White. )

I thought it was a little garish that the winners had big, goofy-looking state fair-like ribbons, but Kathy also honorably mentioned Jenna Pugh, Brendin Alan's Me, Myself & I and Lizbeth Quispe's A Reflection of Myself, while I was wondering how much of the innovation we saw was due to the teachers, who were duly noted on each label.

I've been watching this show for awhile, and I've never seen so many excellent works. For a change, it was difficult to decide which were our favorites.

-JR Compton and Kethy DelloStritto.

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