Sculptural Syncretism II

Curated by Nestor Zarragotitia with work by Paul Booker, Annelies Christian, Luke Sides, James Michael Starr and Terri Stone at Collin County Community College Spring Creek gallery, through November 14, 2001

Paul Booker - Joint


Seemed like we musta been in Oklahoma by now, but we got to CCCC late. Hardly anybody there. Just some light, gallery food, punch, a pianist jamming jazzish oldies and two guys talking.

The excellence we've come to expect from James Michael Starr left: They Sow Not ) -- even in some pieces we hadn't seen -- was evident. He just keeps getting better. Not much new imagery -- although the bird breaks free from his often boxed imagery -- but deeper, more dimensional explorations of his established vocabulary.

We'd seen many of Terri Stone's pieces -- except for a vivid, clownish work ( Red Jester, right ) bent from a sheet of metal. Kathy thought they were genuinely funny. I liked their shapes.

Kathy was overly bemused by Paul Booker's several works scattered about this smallish but serenely laid out show, but I admired them greatly -- especially  Joint ( above ) and Catch, ( below ). Oddball stuff, visual jokes in pleasant, sculptural shapes. Nothing earth- shattering, but certainly bemusing -- like elegant, enigmatic, three-dimensional cartoons. - JRC + KDS

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