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Little Show Reviews from 2002

Stories + Photographs by J R Compton

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Tools and Self-portraits - Steven Miller in the gallery and Robert Boland's in the Annex at Conduit through February 16, 2002

Conduit is my favorite gallery space, because it's so intimate. JR, however, feels claustrophobic in there — as well as frustrated by the unintelligible elevator numbers.

Our favorite Steven Miller work was Bird and Hole, two small, rectangular holes, with two objects hung on the side to go into the holes. One was a painting of a bird. The other was two thumb prints. One made sense and the other didn't. Judgement, a large, 56-inch diameter circle of grimacing ceramic heads in relief, and Kabuki, forty-five differring, painted tree trunks on wood, were fabulous, because there were so many repetitive parts.

At The Annex down the hall, we thought we'd stumbled into JR's house and found all his missing sox, but it turns out Robert Boland had found JR's sox and installed them. JR was at once honored and relieved. The sox weren't just sox. They had resin molded hands inside each, so it looked like fists hanging or sox puppets. - Kathleen DelloStritto 

Swim - John Holt Smith ( above ) examines the human figure through the lens of water in this eight-painting exhibition in the New Works Space at The MAC, through July 1, 2001

Pardon the puns, but this is truly a cool show. Spare, some images I flat do not understand. But this is immediately accessible art about how pools affect our visions of what's in them. It feels cool in there, even on the hottest days.

This New Works Space is becoming my favorite, because it does on an affordable, small scale, what The MAC has been unable to do on any ongoing, large scale, so far. It gives talented local artists a significant showing, usually only a few weeks, but their choices have been consistent and somewhat ( dare I say it? ) daring. - JRC


Elemental - Fire, Water, Earth and Air- 29 artists face all of creation at The Bath House, through May 5, 2001

Right: Laura Walters, Stingray, Forged Steel

Three pieces in this colorful little show stand out. Laura Walters' fluid, pastel colored and textured Stingray — maybe four feet tall — is magnificent, especially on the scrumptious aqua wall. James Crowe's elegant Pillar of Fire mixed media mobile is incandescent on a bright red gallery portion. And, in the big middle, a stone stack with symbols for the elements, commands the color spaces spoking all around.

The entire gallery is painted, floors and wall, to represent four of the five elements -- Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The fifth, Aether is the soul, abundant in the standout sculptures in this fun show. - JRC


Photographs and stories © 2000 by J R Compton. Artwork copyright 2000 by their artists. All Rights Reserved. Commercial use or redistribution in any form, printed or electronic, is prohibited.

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