Small Art Exhibitions
in Autumn 2001

Rentown by Ludwig Schwarz at Angstrom, through October 27

Ludwig Schwartz at Angstrom's Rentown tickled our fancy. It was the strangest of what we saw on our recent, short excursion through 500X, Plush and Angstrom. Lurid paintings displayed with real renta center merchandise. Freed's on acid. Wonderfully bizarre concept. Love that the Renta Center agreed to do it. This stuff is actually for rent! And they're gonna do it again in Manhattan. --JRC & KDS

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Shark Discone and Zipper Square Transmutation
James Allumbaugh - aluminum and stainless steel
Genesis - Sonia King - mosaic

Metamorphosis ( above ), an exhibition by the Texas Sculpture Association at The Ice House Cultural Center in Oak Cliff \through October 27

I expected a flashy show of big pieces, but now I'm guessing the once-mighty giant that was the TSA simply isn't any more. Sonia King's work is always special, and the neat thing about the two Allumbaughs above is that each is formed from a single sheet of metal. The space is less than wonderful, and so's much of the work here, but there were a smattering of gems. You gems may vary. -JRC

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Houston artist Gary Retherford's Mixed media with acrylic Caged Birds at Mulcahy Modern


Magical Realism by Ginger Fox at Boyd, through October 27 - mentioned in the DADA Gallery Walk story Cynthia Mulcahy was putting works on the walls when I stopped by. While I was falling in love with Storm, one of Rosalyn Bodycomb's more luscious, three-dimensional paintings in the show, I discovered these open-ended cages on the gallery's back wall. My camera flash washed out the photo of the subtly nuanced Storm skyscape, but these flashless shots, happily, turned out fine. -JRC

photos by JR Compton

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Fairytails and Western Trails - Teresa O'Connor at Plush, closing with a Big Round Up Down @ Plush, 12-5 Saturday October 13, with DIY chuckwagon hot dawg grille, 8mm vintage western fillms and 3 pm performance by one-man synthpop band emoderne ( Alfie Gonzalez )

"An installation of sprawling, fuzzy sculpture and slide projections by Houston artist Teresa O'Connor. Riffing on Dr. Seuss and Romper Room, she creates an imaginary fantasy landscape based on the wide open vistas of the American West."

A delightful, little show of unusual -- but then everything at Plush is that -- floor piece abstract realist landscapes with slide-projected sunsets. Amazing little amalgams of sculptural fabric topography and projected sunset photography. We were affected by them, startled and pleased. Very nice. --JR

Entrancing floor landscpes: Lustful Views and feathery forbidden passions. Neat stuff. -- Kathy

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Frank S Tolbert Sunflower, 2001
mixed media on paper
72 x 48 inches
\photo ©2001 Tom Hussey

Frank Tolbert tends to get short shrift in DARts, because he's now a BTAGfooT ( Big Time Art Guy from out of Town ), whom local art centers tend to concentrate on instead of showing deserving young and old artists from right here in Dallas, who have yet to earn a national reputation -- and probably never will, because they're not eminently sellable.

However, Frank Tolbert on a bad day is generally better than other artists on a good day. His work seriously exposes himself, his wife, his life and his interests. Which, after all, is the artist's duty.

And he's good at it. Great, in fact. And though we aren't sorry he moved to Galvaston some years ago, we miss him. -JRC

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Zoe Steadham
Joe's Back
black & white photograph

Kaleidoscope A senior exhibit with Candra Cook, Russ Edgerley, Justin Rouas, Zoe Steadham ( above ) and Lauren Tabel in the Bridge gallery upstairs toward the back of the Booker T Washinton High School for Performing and Visual Arts, opened September 13.

The show's probably only up a week or so. I apologize if I've misspelled any names, but the invite is nearly illegible. The Bridge gallery may be difficult to find -- last time I tried, several teachers gave me bad instructions. So be tenacious; it'll be worth the effort -- Arts Magnet kids have real talent. My last trip up that bright, far back, bridging hallway was amazing. Zoe's work is above, because her mother's a friend and student of mine, so I knew she had a scanner and could use it. I only hoped I could use whatever she sent. But I'm blown away by this marvelously grainy, nearly abstracted photograph and look forward to seeing it in its original size. -JRC

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DVAC, Bath House & Sammons
Jointly Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Dallas Visual Arts Center, The Bath House Cultural Center and The Sammons Center all celebrate their 20th Anniversary on August 11. They will host a joint celebration, reflecting on the past two decades of their service to the arts.

Starting at Dallas Visual Arts Center from 3-5 pm; where then not-yet employed DVAC Education Coordinator is quoted (?) as having said ( She didn't; I asked her. ), "To honor the 20th birthday, we'll have art supplies galore for children and their parents to make images using and repeating the number 20."

What a lame Public Relations move for an art center that, after 21 years, is still struggling with its identity as a serious -- and therefore financially supportable -- art center for Dallas artists.

DVAC needs to expand its sphere of influence. But children and their parents making images repeating the number 20 ... ? Too bad DVAC painted over its brightly colored walls and ripped up Sonia King's wonderful floor mosaic in the summer of 2001. The kids and parents probably would have enjoyed the colors...

Besides, as it turns out, DVAC's new archivist ( yours truly ) has discovered, they should be celebrating their 21st anniversary next month.

The party moves to Bath House Cultural Center from 4-6 pm to enjoy the gallery exhibition, artists presentations and multimedia retrospectives of past performances and exhibits. Ending up at the Sammons Center for the Arts from 5-7 pm\ for a CD release party for the first Sammons Jazz compilation CD, tours of the historic building and a live jazz combo playing in Meadows Hall, our largest venue.

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The Longview Museum of Fine Arts 41st Annual Invitational Exhibit -- up and coming artists in the medium of sculpture -- includes many North Central Texas area artists - Frances Bagley, Annelies Christian, Adriana Cobo, James Crowe, Jeff A Green, Jerry Daniel and Anthony Wright, up through July 7

Amy Gerhauser, Shed - steel, handmade Koza paper, fishing line, 8 x 5 x 3 feet - First Place Award

photo from the Longview Museuam site

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Two of the shapes at the Texas Sculpture Association Connections show at The Bath House Culutural Center through June 23. Michael Rhoades' Conclusive Connection, polychrome wood chair, 48 x 79 x 48 inches, and Carolann Haggard's Heart in a Box, wood, stone and leather, 7 x 10 x 6.5 inches.

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Glimpsing Art in Late April 2001

Nice to get a glimpse of the Oak Cliff Drive-By on your page. I did the tour last year but got held up this time around.

Rosemary Meza drawing behind a door off the kitchen - JRCphoto

This has been a nice week for art. If you get out and about, Valley House's Inside/Outside sculpture show is worth the decompression time. The 5 acre garden looks very nice with all the work out, and I was surprised they had so many small pieces in the gallery. Sherry Owen's new sculpture in the gallery is a real beauty, too.

I went to UD last week for Chris Powell's opening in the main gallery and it is my favorite show at the moment. Mainly because it was such a surprise with all the new work in all scales and occupying every kind of space.

The group show in the older, redone art building gallery is also worth a peek. Notables are Carol Cook's ceramic people, a MFA ceramics exhibit of small vessels, and Norman Kary's little assemblages ( He has a show at Edith Baker's too).

I hit the Bath House for their opening and wasn't too excited by the curated group, but Kathy Boortz and Gladys Gostin tucked away in the back room charmed me a lot.

I hear the Columbia Street fire house has a good show too, but I haven't had an opportunity to get by.


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At Home & Away, photographs by Jay Maisel at Boyd Gallery, 2936 Elm, 214 747-1917, 2-6 Thursday-Saturday, through January 20

Rich colors and simple, direct, almost abstract compositions have always marked Jay Maisel's photographs. There are some amazing photographs in this little show. There aren't always people in these luscious pictures, but when there are, Maisel's people are fascinating in look and place. Nice show. - JRC

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The 2000 DVAC Members'Exhibition at Dallas Visual Art Center, 2917 Swiss Avenue, open daily, 214 821-2522, through 8:30 pm, January 6

Talk about a mixed bag! The members show at DVAC, comprising more than 400 objects, is an amazing survey of Dallas art -- the good, the bad and the ugly. And lots of the the in betweens. There's lots of stories in this show. - JRC


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