Index of Solstice Celebrations & Other Magic
with Photographs by JR Compton

Red Shirt and Orange Pajamas

Colorful crowd in line for Water Communion at
the 12th Annual Winter SolstiCelebration


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raindrops falling


Summer 2005

Winter 2004

Photographs of the 12th Annual Winter SolstiCelebration

See also Photographs of Rehearsal Night.


Summer 2004

Cottonwood snow, faery wings, labyrinths, soap bubbles and ecstasy into the blur of summer

Winter 2002

We are a circle within a circle with no beginning and never ending.


Summer 2001

Dark skies early, then sunshine as celestial bodies gyre and dance.


The Latest Transition Essay


Visual Prayer

How Home Still Lifes make magic

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Full Moon Poem

Seed moon full in Libra — a wild writing ride


Turtle Metaphor

Another tale of transformation — de-shelling the Self



Becoming of a Boccio

Ancient Ritual Healing Performance Art

Color Magic   Circle Magic  and  Real Magic


Projection, A Primer

Shadow, Images, Subconscious, Anima, The Hook and Projection — action and interaction



True Intimacy In and Definition Of Relationships and the Ongoing Dance of Enmeshment, Abandonment and Fear


J R Compton's Cosmic Coping Kit

Physical, Psychological and Elemental Understandings gathered through a lifetime


Meditation of The Five Elements

A breath meditation using visualizations of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Aether — The Five Elements of Ancient Knowledge


Of Whirligigs & Other People's Magic

A swirling story, illustrated with whirligigs and other people's magic


Hand Joy - breathing deep

Breathing deep at Monday night's SolstiCelebration rehearsal (more photos)


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